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Baseprint Tools

To publish a Baseprint document succession, you need to create a Baseprint document snapshot. Different tools are available for creating Baseprint snapshots and successions.

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Tools for Baseprint Snapshots


Baseprinter is an authoring tool that uses Pandoc to read source files and epijats to write webpage and PDF previews. For more details, refer to the Baseprinter page. Authors will likely want to use Baseprinter in some form at some point in their authoring workflow.


You can use any input source files supported by Pandoc to generate a Baseprint snapshot. However, not all features of all Pandoc input formats are preserved. For more details, see the Pandoc page in this documentation.


As of October 2023, Quarto has not been tested for creating Baseprint snapshots. By the end of 2023, Castedo plans to test and document using Quarto to create Baseprint snapshots.

Word processors

Pandoc can convert from multiple word processor file formats. However, if you prefer word processor applications, you may find the tools for Baseprints in 2023 lacking the user-friendliness you expect.

Tools for Baseprint Successions


For an introduction on how to use Hidos, refer to the tutorial to Publish a Temporary Document Succession. As of October 2023, Hidos is the only practical tool for creating a digital succession.


You can use Git directly to create a Baseprint document succession, but it will be less convenient than using Hidos.