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How to Run Baseprinter via GitHub

Baseprinter can be run in a GitHub Actions workflow. Baseprinter generates a snapshot of your document in Baseprint Document Format (BDF) and an HTML/PDF preview with GitHub Pages.


You will create a minimal GitHub repository that will automatically run Baseprinter whenever source files are updated.


Instead of this how-to guide, you can alternatively follow the tutorial to author via GitHub, which demonstrates using an example LaTeX file as source.


  • A GitHub account
  • Source file in a Pandoc compatible format, such as Markdown or LaTeX


1. Create a repository

First, create a new repository from a repository template. This new repository will contain:

  • a GitHub Actions workflow file that automatically generates Baseprint snapshots and previews, and
  • a trivial pandocin.yaml Pandoc defaults file.

These files will be copied from this Baseprinter repository template. The workflow file is located at .github/workflows/baseprinter.yaml.

Create repository from the template

2. Enable GitHub Pages

Follow these substeps to publish to GitHub Pages:

  • On GitHub, navigate to your site's repository.
  • Under your repository name, click Settings (it might be a tab or in a dropdown menu).
  • In the Code and automation section of the sidebar, click Pages.
  • Under Build and deployment, under Source, select GitHub Actions.

3. Commit the Updated pandocin.yaml with the New Source File

Create a new source file in any Pandoc-compatible format you prefer, for example, a Markdown file named Replace the input file path /dev/null in pandocin.yaml with the relative path to the source file. Then, commit both files to the repository and update the GitHub repository.

4. Show the Preview URL

  • Click on the Code tab of the repository.
  • Click the gear icon to the right of About.
  • Under the Website field, check Use your GitHub Pages website.
  • Click the Save changes button.

5. Check the Status of the Preview Job (Optional)

  • Click the Actions tab.
  • Click on the workflow in progress: "Deploy Baseprint preview to GitHub Pages".
  • Wait for the workflow to complete successfully.
  • Click on the link https://<username><reponame>/ under the "deploy" job.


You now have a preview of your Baseprint document snapshot available at https://<username><reponame>/. This preview will be automatically updated whenever there are changes to the repository.

The Baseprint document snapshot has been saved in the autobaseprint branch as a directory (git tree) named baseprint.

Questions or Feedback

If you have any questions or feedback, feel free to contact Castedo.