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Baseprint Document Format (BDF)
A digital encoding format for the dissemination of research document snapshots across independent websites in both webpage and PDF formats. For more information, visit
Baseprint document snapshot
Baseprint snapshot
A document snapshot encoded in Baseprint Document Format (BDF).
Baseprint document succession
A succession of Baseprint document snapshots recorded in Document Succession Git Layout (DSGL).
An authoring tool. Documentation here and source code here.
Baseprint Document Format.
document snapshot
A snapshot of data encoding a document.
Document Succession Git Layout (DSGL)
A structured layout of Git objects in a Git commit history to represent a Baseprint document succession.
Document Succession Identifier (DSI)
An textual identifier of Baseprint document successions and their document snapshots.
Document Succession Git Layout.
Document Succession Identifier.
A record of data captured at some point in time.