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Generating BDF Snapshots with Pandoc

Pandoc is a universal document converter used by Baseprinter to convert Pandoc input source files into Baseprint Document Format snapshots.

If you are not interested in the extra features of Baseprinter, you can directly call Pandoc (version 3.1.9 and higher). However, you will need to use this baseprint.yaml Pandoc defaults file and this citation-hack.csl Citation Style Language (CSL) file as follows:

pandoc --defaults baseprint.yaml --csl citation-hack.csl ...

Implementation Details

The content of baseprint.yaml is:

to: jats_archiving+element_citations
standalone: true
citeproc: true
  link-citations: true
  reference-section-title: "References"

citation-hack.csl is a minimal CSL file to ensure that inside the output BDF snapshot, the <xref> JATS XML elements for citations are like this:

<xref alt="2" rid="ref-foo_bar" ref-type="bibr">2</xref>

with no additional formatting such as brackets. Applications reading Baseprint JATS XML determine the citation style.